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The trusted store for your children's toys

Why you should buy from HorseHubs...

We are a rocking horse specialty store. We believe that classic toys such as the rocking horse are great alternatives to today’s high tech toys and video games.

A wooden rocking horse is a timeless gift that’s perfect for every child. It often becomes a cherished and trusted companion for the child.

Even though our rocking horses are specially designed for young children, we realised that everyone in the family is having fun with the child as it brings back beautiful childhood memories.

The rocking horse also helps children develop balance, muscle strength and coordination, while having fun. It may look like a simple toy, but a rocking horse never fails to fire up the imagination and creativity of our little ones as they gallop off to new adventures.

Selection: We provide a wide selection of well-designed, safe and reliable rocking horses in various color and finish.

Quality: Our rocking horses are sturdily and durably built, and designed to be safe for kids.

Satisfaction: We strive to provide our customers with reliable, trustworthy, educational and safe toys for their kids. 

Horse Hubs | Your Trusted Rocking Horse Specialty Store